Why does Holt/Smithson Foundation exist? 

Holt/Smithson Foundation exists to continue the creative and investigative spirit of the artists Nancy Holt (1938-2014) and Robert Smithson (1938-73). Holt and Smithson developed innovative ways of exploring our relationship with the planet, expanding the limits of artistic practice. Through public service their Foundation engages in programs developing the artists’ creative legacies, continuing the transformation they brought to the world of art and ideas.

Where is Holt/Smithson Foundation located? 

Holt/Smithson Foundation is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Who should I contact regarding exhibitions?

Please contact our Program Manager, William T. Carson.

Email: wtc@holtsmithsonfoundation.org

I would like to obtain permission to reproduce an image of Nancy Holt and/or Robert Smithson's artwork. Who should I contact?

Please reach out to Artists Rights Society for image rights and reproduction.

I would like to screen one of Nancy Holt and/or Robert Smithson's films. Who should I contact?

Please reach out to Electronic Arts Intermix for film screening rights.

How do I visit Nancy Holt's Sun Tunnels?

This page on the Dia website has excellent information on planning a trip to Sun Tunnels.

Who owns Nancy Holt's Sun Tunnels (1973-76)?

Sun Tunnels joined the collection of the Dia Art Foundation in March of 2018.  This acquisition was facilitated by Holt/Smithson Foundation and was the first permanent work of Land art to join Dia’s collection since 1999, when Nancy Holt facilitated the donation of Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty  to Dia.

How do I visit Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty?

This page on the Dia website has excellent information on planning a trip to Spiral Jetty.

Who owns Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty (1973)?

Spiral Jetty is owned and stewarded by Dia Art Foundation. Through the generosity of Nancy Holt and the Estate of Robert Smithson, the artwork was donated to Dia Art Foundation in 1999.

How do I visit Robert Smithson's Amarillo Ramp?

Amarillo Ramp is on private land and all visits to the site must be arranged beforehand. Email ar@holtsmithsonfoundation.org to schedule a visit.  Please note that 72 hours advance notice is requested in order to schedule a visit to see Amarillo Ramp.  Additionally, please note that there is the possibility that the visit may need to be rescheduled or canceled due to rain and mud at the site.

How do I visit Robert Smithson's Broken Circle/Spiral Hill?

In 2020 there are four Open Days to visit Broken Circle/Spiral Hill.  Please visit this page to learn more and reserve your spot.

Does Holt/Smithson Foundation authenticate works by Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson?